All Ends Well on a Chaotic Saturday

Those who play in covers/hobby bands will know all too well the highs and lows assocoated with playing their local music scene. The weekends gig is often the main focus of positive thinking to get you through the working week and the highlight of the weekend.

Having kicked around most of Saturday to ensure we would not be late to load the gear and travel to Drighlington for our gig at the New Inn, we get a call at 5:00pm cancelling the gig. Our Drummer had already loaded his kit and had set off and the others guys had either loaded or were loading their gear.

Anyway we got on the "Rock of the North" facebook page and within 30 minutes had a booking to play function for the East Leeds Lions MCC in Crossgates.

Every emotion was experienced between 5;00 pm and 12:00 pm Saturday, but fortunately it ended on a high!

Interestingly we are back in Crossgates on Friday 13th March when we play the New Travellers Rest.

Friday 13th???? We got to be "Suckers for Punishment"?

Thank you Rock of The North and East Leeds Lions MCC.

The Despoilers

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