Fantastic night at The Hop

We had a brilliant time upstairs at The Hop on our second outing into Leeds city centre on Friday night. Thanks to all our mates who came down to enjoy the evening with us - happy birthday Julie! The Hop really is a spectacular venue and it was the first time we had played with a resident sound system and engineer. Tim and Phil had a ball with their new wireless gizzmo's with both of them going walkabout and running mid-song laps of the bar.

No parking tickets this time (yeay!) and the post gig curry at Nafee's was as good as always.

Steve has gone off to the State's to meditate and 'find himself again' for a month so our next gig is not until March 19th at the Yorkshire Rose in Guiseley. Hope to see you all there again for more fun and mayhem, don't miss the new songs we have planned for the set.

Keep your eyes on the Twitter feed for our very latest inane ramblings and feel free to join in!

The Despoilers

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