Rockin the Tarn

Rocking the Tarn Friday with some great new covers for 2014.

All we need to do is remember em!

Band on from 9:00pm.

Its gonna be rockin!

2014 Gig Listings

Stop Press!
Please note amendments to the Despoilers 2014 Gig Listing. The March & October gigs at the Golden Lion, Pudsey are now cancelled. We wish Gary & Joanne all the best with their new venture and for supporting the band with gigs for the past few years.

Victoria Vaults- We just got the Party Started

2014 is underway and we are all trying to calm down after an absolute "Bonza" of an afternoon at the Victorian Vaults. Its a while since we have seen people dancing on seats on a Sunday afternnoon!

York's proving a great city for the Despoilers and we are back in York on Sunday 2nd February at the Roman Bath. Band on from 8:00 pm. Also we have re-booked today for the Victoria vaults in March.

Three weeks of practice ahead now, so we can bring in some storming new covers at the Roman Bath. We got some good stuff in mind and it really rocks. Can't wait. 

Rock N Roll

The Despoilers

Victoria Vaults- Lets Get This Party Started

2014 kicks off Sunday 12th January at the Victoria vaults, York. Early session from about 4:00 pm.

Despoilers Christmas Message (Drivel)

Another enjoyable and entertaining night at yet another new venue. Thank you to the Red Lion, Shadwell.

 The band is signing off 2013 now, for a period of rest and practice. Is that a paradox?

It’s been a great year, in which the band has gone through a major transformation and finishes the year on a solid foundation to really rock in 2014.

Established now in both the Leeds and York music scenes and with a shed load of great gigs booked, 2014 should be a really fun year.

Last but not least we want to thank everybody that have supported us in 2013, particularly mentions to Colin and Scooby whose friendly faces have popped up far from home turf on many, many occasions throughout the year.

A very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to your all.


The Despoilers

Signing Off 2013 at The Red Lion, Shadwell

2013 has been an eventful year for the band and we look forward to a finale gig at the Red Lion, Shadwell on Saturday 21st December.

Bring it On!

The Despoliers

Double Trouble!

Two fantastic gigs this weekend at the Horsforth Hotel and Victoria Vaults. A big thank you to everyboby who turned out to see the band.

We are back at both venues next year, kicking off 2014 at the Victoria Vaults, York on Sunday 12th January.

Its the Red Lion Shadwell up next, on Saturday 20th December.

Bring it on!

Double Header Weekend 14/15th December

Its a crazy "Double Header" weekend: Horsforth Hotel Saturday from 9:00 pm and The Victoria Vaults Sunday from 4:00pm.
Great to see anyone that makes it along to either gig.


The Despoilers

2014 Gig Listings

Get a load of the 2014 Gig Listings!

Its gonna be one rockin year. More to follow.

The Despoilers in a bar near you soon.

Great Night at The Jug (as always)

The good people of Stanningley and surrounding areas turned out in force last night to make it another special night at the Jug and Barrel. In fact the last three gigs have been like a tidal wave sweeping the band along and we have quite got our heads around it yet, other than to say thank you we are just loving it.

Back in 2014.

Thanks again.

The Despoilers

Horsforth Hotel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, We are back on home turf Saturday 14th December.

A "Pre-Christmas Bash" to get you all in the holiday mood. Apologies that you will have to return to work on Monday, after what will be one rockin evening.

The Despoilers don't do politics, but if we did you would vote for us!

Let's get this party started.


The Despoilers


Jug Tomorrow

At last the working week draws to a close and the good times can roll once more.

It’s the Jug and Barrel, Stanningley Saturday which is always a great night for the band.

The bands on from 9:00, but  we suggest you get there earlier, as we got the feeling it’s gonna be buzzin! Coz its Pete's Birthday!!!!


Rockin Night at the Tarn

Yeadon, plus quite a few friends turned out to make Friday 22nd November an evening to remember. The Tarn was rockin front to back, as far as our eyes could see.

A very big thank you for to Jenny, her team and the fantastic crowd for making it a great gig for us. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2014.


Travellers Rest to the Tarn

A big thank you to all at the New Travellers Rest, Crossgates for a really great night. We hope to be back in 2014 to make acquaintance once again with the good people of Crossgates.

Next one up is the Tarn Inn, Yeadon on Friday 22nd November.  It’s always friendly and cosy at the Tarn so get yourselves along if you fancy another great night of frivolity and live music.



The Despoilers




The New Travellers Rest - 15th November

The next gig up is the New Travellers Rest, Cross Gates on Friday 15th November 2013. The Travellers is a new venue to the band and we look forward to another great night and making some more friends along the way.

The New Travellers Rest is earning a reputation as a good live music venue. A number of the band members visited some weeks back to see a great local covers band " The Whatevs" rock the place. We are looking forward to 15th and promise a great evening of entertainment to all who make it along.

Music from about 9:00pm.

The Despoilers

Mayhem in York!

We have had some memorable nights with the band and last nights gig at The Roman Bath, York is right up there. The scene was set when Stevie G, blindly following the satnav, sets off driving down the Shambles, even if the car didnt fit and withTim in hot pursuit. Japanese tourists were scattering like confetti.

When we finally get there we end up playing to the most fantastic/mental crowd imaginable. The Bar was packed like a can of sardines and that's just how we like it! With the stage full of crazy girls through half the second set, the band really relished the gig. Back in 2014? We sure hope so.

A big, big thank you to all at the Roman Bath.


The Despoilers

The Roman Bath York Saturday 26th October

Well it's short notice but "Hey Man" live for the day. York city Saturday night, anyone fancy it?

Stevie Pipes is a York lad, so will bring a few. Anyone jumping the train over from Leeds gets a free beer or six from the band!

The band are so looking forward to playing York again, its been about 7 months.

Rock N Roll

Home Win

What a great evening at the Horsforth Hotel. Great People and a Great Pub. A very big thank you to everybody that helped make such a fantastic evening. We are back with a Christmas feel on Saturday 14th December 2013.


The Despoilers

On the Road Again - Red Lion Pudsey

The first gig of the autumn tour of "Leeds and surrounding villages" got off to a cracking start at the Golden Lion, Pudsey last night. New members, new PA and new lights came through unscathed.

We will be back at the Lion in 2014, watch this space.

Its the Horsforth Hotel up next. Only 6 sleeps until we can party again.

LOL The Despoilers

On the Road Again!

Fantastic debut gig for the new line up at the Leeds Club last night. New members and new gear all up and running now. We have got some great gigs coming up, starting with the Golden Lion Pudsey on Saturday 12th October, closely followed by the Horsforth Hotel on Saturday 19th October.

Loooking forward to a Rock N Roll autumn and catching up with lots of friends.

The Despoilers

Framed for the Lion!

New PA

The new 3000 watt PA will make its debut at the Golden Lion on Saturday 12th October. 

Its sounding really good, so I hope we dont let it down!

Its been a while since we played a public gig, hence we are all looking forward to rocking the Lion.

It would be good to catch with a few old friends, so if you fancy an ear bashing from The Despoilers, get yourselves along to the Golden Lion, Pudsey on October 12th.


The Despoilers

Rest after The Ball

The Old Ball gig was a fantastic night and boy did we enjoying playing.

It's a rest period until the next public gig on Saturday 12th October at the Golden Lion, Pudsey.

Pete, Phil & Steve make their Despoilers public debut. Come along and give them some support.

LOL The Despoilers 




Old Ball Friday 19th July: Its a Big One!

Run for Brenda.

The atmosphere is building already. 2 sleeps and we can rock the Old Ball down to its foundations. 

Its a great opportunity to have a great evening amongst friends and support a great cause!

See you there!


The Despoilers



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