Golden Night at The Lion

A warm summer evening and an even warmer reception for us at The Golden Lion, Pudsey last night.

Thank you to all who atttended. It was good to see so many Horsfordian's who travelled to Pudsey.

Guest singers and some fabulous dancers, no wonder we are back for more on Saturday 12th October.

The Golden Lion Saturday 1st June

Yes, The Golden Lion's the place to be this Saturday. The band are really rockin, in more ways than one, so you expect a great show. Music, Music from about 9:00.

Hope to see you there.


The Despoilers



If Carlsberg Arranged Weekends

What at weekend. Does if really need to end?

Awesome night Saturday at the Jug'N'Barrel followed by two sets at the McMillan Mash, Horsforth Hotel.

Great bands all day. Some great young talent.

The evening session really rocked and our ears are still ringing.

Back to the day jobs, Boo Hoo!

LOL The Despoilers




The Hop. Wow!!

Well what can we say, other than if we could spend our lives in a state of suspended animation it would have to be at The Hop, Leeds on a Saturday night.

Fantastic crowd and great team at the Hop.  A big thanks to you all, particularly the guys who set us up and controlled the mix.

We were taken back by all the kind words and request's for Saxophone lessons etc. Indeed the whole band now want to play Sax!

It was a debut night for Steve Pipes on the Drums and he is just itching to get back under the Arches after last night's gig, although it will likely be 2014 before we return.

Our next outing is the Jug'N'Barrel, Stanningley on Saturday 25th May. This is always a great night so get along if you can.

Sunday 26th May see's the band performing at the Horsforth Hotel, Leeds LS18, at the Music Festival in aid of McMillian Charity. This is going to be a storming event. The band s on the outside stage between 5:00-6:00pm and appears again inside the pub between 9:00-10:00pm.

What a great way to spend a bank holiday Sunday wuth beer and live music. Don't miss this one!

Thanks again for last night.


The Despoilers



Under The Arches

Its an outing at one of Leeds premier venues, The Hop this Saturday.

Its going to be a good one, so don't miss it.

The Despoilers


Change to the Despoilers line-up

Dave Collins decided to leave the band and has been replaced by Stephen Pipes. All the band wish to thank Dave for his tremendous contribution and wish him well for the future.

Stephen makes his debut on Saturday 18th May 2013 at The Hop, Leeds.

The Despoilers

Under The Arches

Well its back to The Hop, Leeds after some time.

This is a great venue and only two minutes walk from the railway station. Last train back to Horsforth is 11:20 ish and the band play between 9:00-11:00 pm.

What more do you want, they have arranged the train time table around us.

Hope to catch up with some old friends.

The Despoilers

Party at O'Neill's

You are always guaranteed a party night when you play O'Neill's Leeds and last night was no different.

Great crowd and Great venue. Thanks to all who came along.

The Despoilers

O'Neill's Bar Leeds 20th April

Its been a while since we played O'Neill's Bar Leeds, so we are already looking forward to another great night on Saturday 20th April.

Spring should be well and truly underway and the band may well will have belly buttons on show when we strut our stuff for the evening. Guess if that doesn't put you off coming, nothing will!

Lots of new cover for 2013 so if you haven't made one of the gigs to date in 2013 make it down to O'Neill's as its always a good one.


The Despoilers

Thank You (wasn't that Led Zep?)

Thank you indeed to everybody that came along to the Newe Roscoe last night. Thank  you for your generous contriutions to the fund raising for Leeds Mencap. Thanks to The New Roscoe for contributing to the raffle prizes. 

A great night, which we really enjoyed.

The Despoilers

The New Roscoe Approaches- Friday 8th March 2013

Only a week now until the band hit the stage at the New Roscoe. This is a new venue for us and we are donating the proceeds of the gig to Leeds Mencap.

Its free entry and the band will be on from about 9;00 pm.

It promises to be a storming gig so don't this one.

The Despoilers

2013: The Story So Far!

The party that kicked off at the Grey Horse earlier this months, just seems to follow us around. It was another awesome night at O'Neill's Bar in York. Great crowd, some travelling out from Leeds, to whom we are truly grateful. The York crowd were also fantastic, a real nice set of people.

Jack depped very ably on the drums and we simply had a great evening.

Its the New Roscoe up next on Friday 8th March, this time to raise funds for Leeds Mencap, as well as extending the party a little longer!

Rock 'N' Roll

O'Neill's York 22nd February

Another first for the band when we venture to York next Friday to play O'Neill's Bar. We look forward to entertaining the good people of York in true Despoilers fashion. Rock'N'Roll


The New Roscoe Event Friday 8th March

Great night at the Grey Horse on Saturday, which got the gigging season off to a fantastic start. The band have a Charity event coming soon at the New Roscoe and would really appreciate any support. Its free on the door and there will be a raffle to raise money for MenCap. The band are donating our fee for the evening.

The New Roscoe is a great venue, which we look forward to playing. If you can get along please do

50 Shades of Grey Horse


Well what can we say, the pub literally drunk dry by the best crowd we have played to for some time. Every drop of beer, larger, cider and wine got drunk. The bar has had to ordered emergency supplies, so it can open today.

With 2013 off to such a great start, we are off to York next on Friday 22nd February, to play O'Neill's Bar, then back in Leeds for what we hope can be another special night, when we play "The New Roscoe" in support of Mencap. Details to follow.

Thanks to everyone that came along last night, you made it very special.


The Despoilers




Getting Ready for the Gigging Season

A date for your diaries is Saturday 2nd February 2013, when The Despoilers blow off the cobwebs and strike the first notes of the year (hopefully in the right order), at The Grey Horse, Horsforth.

Don't miss this one, as we have a good feeling about it and its on "Home Turf", without any troublesome transport complications to contend with.

New covers are a certainty ( there are some good ones) and there may well be some better dressed musicians.

Musicians? OK , sorry we do like to have a laugh.

We hope to see you then.


The Despoilers

Gigs Galore!

2013 is going to be a blast. New covers,some great gigs and if Santa gets his act together even some new gear.

The Grey Horse is first up on Saturday 2nd February. Its a home turf venue, so we want to fill the place. Please come along and join the party.


The Despoilers

Shoes Delivers Again

Assisted by the hottest bunch of OAP Dancers we had a really rocking night at Three Horse Shoes last night. Well that's the last public gig until February 2nd, when we intend to kick the "New Music Year" off with a stormer at the Grey Horse, Horsforth. Don't miss this one it's going to special!

Back at The Shoes!

Back at the Three Horseshoes, Headingley on Saturday 1st December. Mark's not available that night so its a bit of a guitar fest. Come along and hear The Despoilers with a different sound.

Santa hats will be the order of the day. Lets get that Christmas feeling.



Donner's not a Curry

Waking to a beautiful Sunday morning with blue skies, a Donner Kebab infused blood stream and ringing ears. I then remember we had a gig last night. The Jug'N'Barrel was rockin and boy (and girl) did we enjoy it. The Jug's a diamond venue, with a great atmosphere and we are already looking forward to our next visit in March 2013.

A big thank you to all our friends who travelled over to Stanningley to support us. Just one more public gig left in 2012, which is at another of our favourite venues, the Three Horseshoes, Headingley on Saturday 1st December.

The band are in the process of booking gigs for 2013, when we will be returning to many of our favourite venues and also adding a few new ones. Watch this space!

The Despoilers 

The Jug'N'Barrel Approaches

Next Saturday, 10th November, sees our return to the Jug'N'Barrrel, Stanningley. More than a few new covers to air since we last played there, so we expect to be able to entertain.

If the evenings half as good as our last visit, we will be more than happy.

Hoping to catch up with some old friends.

The Despoilers 

No Mark but Still a Great Night!

Thanks to all of you that came along to the Victory Pub for Saturdays gig. You may have noted that day job commitments kept Mark from the stage, however he will be back in the line-up for our next show at the Jug'N'Barrel on Saturday 10th November. We arranged a very guitar based set for the Victory and couldn't comply with the requests for some of the Pink Floyd numbers we usually love to play. They will however be back with a vengeance at the Jug'N'Barrel.

The Despoilers

Rockin to Victory - Saturday 20th October

The Victory Pub, within the Village Hotel Headingley, is the venue for our next rocking soiree this Saturday 20th October. Nice venue.

Hope to see ya there.

The Despoilers

From the Lion to the Victory

The Golden Lion gig went down a treat as expected, nice venue, lovely people and we are booked to return in 2013. A big thank you to friends who travelled to Pudsey on a cold Saturday in October to support the band.

Another first up next, when we play the Victory Pub (Village Hotel) on Saturday 20th October.

Hope to see a few friendly faces.

See you around.

The Despoilers


2013 Gigs

We will be announcing a few new gigs for early 2013 shortly. A lovely mix of new venues and some old favourites.

We plan a special event in Horsforth, so we can have a party on home turf to quash the winter blues.

Watch this Space!

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