The Golden Lion Saturday

Well the Pack Horse was a blast. Three sets in the end, which forced us to play pretty much our whole repertoire. The gigs are rolling in now and we can't wait to hit the Golden Lion on Saturday.

Band on from 9:00pm. Free Entry, for what promises to be another great night.

See you Saturday

The Despoilers

The Pack Horse

On the back of a great gig at The Three Horseshoes, its the bright lights of town up next.The Pack Horse pub, off Brigate, on Saturday 6th October. Its a great little venue, within a few minutes walk of the railway station, ensuring a full quota of ale for all.

Free Entry and the band on from 9:00pm.

Back at The Shoes

Fresh from a great private party gig on Saturday, the band hit the Three Horseshoes Saturday for what's gonna be a real party.

Band on from 9:00. 

Hope to see ya there


Rockin The Tarn Friday!

Only a few days of day job pain to endure before the autumn tour kicks off in Yeadon on Friday 14th September.

Warming up the tubes for about 9:00 pm Friday.

Rock N Roll

Just Bustin for the next Gig!

The band are still in holiday season limbo, however we get the autumn gig program underway at The Tarn, Yeadon on Friday 14th September. We are bustin to hit that first chord and get gigging again. Check out our autumn gig listings.

Yarnbury Beer & Music Festival 2012

The band will be performing on Saturday 28th July between 7:00 - 9:00 pm. Yarnbury's festival is fast becoming the main beer and music event in North leeds.

We are really looking forward to the party and plan to play a few new covers, specifically for the occasion.

The Despoilers


The Tarn

A very enjoyable evening at the Tarn. Nice crowd and an opportunity to have some fun. Big thank you to Jack Curtis who deputised on the drums and never missed a beat, despite the anitics of the band.

We are back at the Tarn in September.

See you all soon.

The Despoilers

The Tarn this Friday

A return to the Tarn Inn, Yeadon on Friday 8th June should be fun. Lots of new covers and the bands last public gig until the Yarnbury Beer Festival at the end of July.

We can promise some good music and a bit of a laugh.

The Despoilers

Party at the Tut

Only two more days of torturous graft, well attendance at work, before we can load the gear and head off to Yeadon to play the Tut'N'Shive.

It was a real party when we last played the venue and expect another great night. There are quite a fewnew covers in the set since our last visit, so get ya butts down to the Tut Satuday, from a bout 9:00.

The Despoilers 

May? " Summer time think it was June"

We have a break from gigging now until 2nd June, when we play the Tut'N'Shive , Yeadon, followed by the Tarn Inn, Yeadon. Both of these are great venues and we always have a really good time. Lots of fun and usually a few new friends.

May's been really good fun and has resulted in a few new covers to keep things fresh. We may have even learned to play them properly by the time we play the Yeadon gigs.

Thanks to everyone who has been to see us in recent weeks.

Catch you all in June.

June? Think we should add Dakota to the set for June.

The Despoilers



Three Horseshoes Soon (about 11 hours)

Waking with ringing ears and tired eyes, after a fantastic private party gig last night at Leo's rugby club. The good news is we gonna do it all again at the Three Horseshoe tonight. Bacon butty and tea required first.

The Shoe's will be rockin as usual tonight, so get yourselves down there.

The Despoilers

Fantastic Masquerade Party

We had a fantastic night we had at "The Hop Leeds" playing the Masquerade Party in support of the Charity "Mind". It was a well organised and enjoyable event. Thanks to Sarah and Cat for their hard work.

We got another busy weekend coming up, with a double header: Private Party Friday 11th May followed by what is always a geat night for us, a gig at The Three Horseshoes, Headingley on Saturday 12th May.

Yes, there is the small matter of a short (thank God) working week to fit in before the fun can start.

Roll on the Weekend!

The Despoilers


Recovering from The Packhorse

We are all very tired this morning after a great gig at the Packhorse and an interesting late Chinese meal afterwards. The Packhorse has a great atmosphere, which made it easy to connect with the crowd.

Well done Danny Smith who ably supported us and brought a good crowd along too.

The Hop up next on Sunday 6th May. See gig listings for details. 

A First for us " The Packhorse"

Saturday's venue is a first for us and promises to be a real cozy gig. The Packhorse pub, off Briggate is reputed to be the oldest pub in Leeds. Lets try and make it the most popular pub in Leeds this Saturday 28th April.

Free entry.

Band with support, on from about 8:30 pm

Roll on the weekend.


Awesome crowd at the Jug last night. We really enjoyed the evening, despite the curry joints closing before we finished. We also managed to aire a few new covers without too much pain.

We are back at the Jug on Saturday 10th November!

Black Bull, Horsforth up next, on Saturday 21st April. Just the small matter of a weeks work to fit in before hand. Funny how something always manages to spoil the party!

Home turf, so we hope to catch up with a few friends. 

The Despoilers


The band are playing at The Jug'N'Barrel, Staningley on Saturday 14th April. This is a new venue to us, hence we cant wait to fire up our kit, entertain and hopefully make some new friends.

Band will be on from about 9:00pm.

See you there.

The Despoilers


Road To The Jug And Beyond

Following a successful trip down the M1 to Barnsley last Saturday, its back to the day jobs on Monday.

We have a little beak from gigging until 14th April, when we play the Jug 'N' Barrel, Stanningley. We will use this period to bring along a couple of exciting new covers. We are gigging five successive weekends from 14th April (see gigs listings) so will be on a roll.

Catch up with you all soon.

The Despoilers

Golden Night at The Lion

A big thank you to all the friends that travelled to Pudsey to see us play at the Golden Lion. Equally to the many new friends we made from a great crowd that frequent the venue. It was a fantastic gig last night, which the band very much enjoyed.

Click the Photo's link to see images from the gig.

We are back on Saturday 13th October.

The Despoilers 


A date for your diary!

The band is playing the MASQUERADE PARTY on Sunday 6th May 2012 at The Hop, Leeds in support of the mental health charity Mind.

Tickets are available from Sarah or Cat. Please call 07816490342 or contact Sarah or Cat on twitter @SarahGate @catmarr

If you are feeling shy not knowing these ladies you can always contact a band member, who will source tickets on your behalf.

Hoping to see at The Hop.

The Despoilers

Period of Calm

We got a break from gigging until 17th March. Day jobs etc getting in the way.

We will work on a few new covers and fuel our hunger for gigging in time for The Golden Lion Pudsey.

Keep on Rockin!

The Despoilers

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Hoping to catch up with you all in 2012.

New covers and new venues being the order of the day.

The Despoilers

Great Finish to the Year at the Shoes

The Despoilers signed of 2011 with a fantastic gig at the Three Horseshoes, Headingley. You could hardly move in the place let alone buy a pint.

We gonna have a rest for a while and kick off the New Year in Pudsey on 17th March, which will be our next public gig.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

The Despoilers

The Three Horseshoes

The band plus a fabulous support act play the Three Horseshoes, Headingley this evening. Music from about 8:45.

Last public gig until  March 2012, so we need to make it a good one.

Free entry as usual.


Party at The Black Bull

Well the weekend over and we are all back at our day jobs, with good memories of a great night at the Black Bull on Saturday. Great crowd, too much beer and lots of silly antics. We are back at the Bull in April 2012.

Attention turns to another Saturday night escapade at the Three Horse Shoes, Headingley ths coming weekend,

See you around.

The Despoilers

Black Bull Up Next

The band haven't played on the hallow turf of Horsforth for some time, so we eagerly await Saturday 10th December when we can party away at the Black Bull. 

Free Entry and the band on from about 9:00 pm.

Bring on Saturday!!!!!!


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