Stop Press: 19th March Venue Change!

There has been a bit of a mix-up with the Yorkshire Rose gig planned for 19th March. The gig is now cancelled and the band is re-booked to play "The Three Horse Shoes" Headingley instead.

We just love this venue and you should expect another night of crazy dancing, alcohol abuse and general bad behavior (Yes thats the band we are talking about).

If ya can make it we are on from 9:00pm, free entry and we would love to see ya.

The Despoilers 

Fantastic night at The Hop

We had a brilliant time upstairs at The Hop on our second outing into Leeds city centre on Friday night. Thanks to all our mates who came down to enjoy the evening with us - happy birthday Julie! The Hop really is a spectacular venue and it was the first time we had played with a resident sound system and engineer. Tim and Phil had a ball with their new wireless gizzmo's with both of them going walkabout and running mid-song laps of the bar.

No parking tickets this time (yeay!) and the post gig curry at Nafee's was as good as always.

Steve has gone off to the State's to meditate and 'find himself again' for a month so our next gig is not until March 19th at the Yorkshire Rose in Guiseley. Hope to see you all there again for more fun and mayhem, don't miss the new songs we have planned for the set.

Keep your eyes on the Twitter feed for our very latest inane ramblings and feel free to join in!

The Despoilers


The Despoilers have gained yet another naughty habit, we have started tweeting.

Come tweet with us.


We gonna rock at The Hop Friday 11th February.



The Hop Up Next

The band are really looking forward to playing The Hop Leeds on Friday 11th February. We have visited the bar on a number of occasions and have enjoyed the bands and friendly atmosphere. Its a really good venue with lots of options for fans of real ale.

This will be a our first public gig of 2011 and a chance to introduce some new covers. We will not then be gigging again until we play the "Yorkshire Rose" Guiseley on Saturday 19th March.

The band will be on between 9:00 - 11:00. Watch out for front-man Tim and Phil "The Bass" Howden going Walkies!

The Despoilers

Happy New Year

Hi and Happy New Year to you all!

We hope you like the new look website. Yellows and purple are out in 2011 and we like to keep up with the latest fashions, even if it doesn't always reflect in our set.

The bands next public gig is at "The Hop", Leeds on Friday 11th February. The bar is close to Leeds railway station (two minutes walk), for anyone wanting a drink and not wanting to take the car. Given some of the band members drinking habits, we were always going to be on the ball with that one.

The Hop is a fantastic bar, with numerous real ales to choose from, so provides a great opportunity to shed the winter blues and party with us in the city centre. 

The Band will be playing between 9:00 - 11:00 pm. We hope to see as many friends as possible, as we are social creatures.

The Despoilers


Merry Night at the Three Horse Shoes Headingley

The bands return to the Three Horse Shoes was a real fun night. Santa's and Elves turned out in droves and the bar reverberated a real warm atmosphere, that not even the bands playing could disturb.

The Shoes is a fantastic venue, with a music loving audience. The band hopes to come back in the not too distant future.

The evening was rounded off with a really good after gig curry in Hyde Park.

Warm Reception at The Ball

Thank you to all who braved the first really cold night of the year to see the band at The Old Ball. You made it plenty warm enough inside.

Only one more public gig left now before Christmas, when the band plan to let our hair down at the Three Horse Shoes, some of us may have a problem.

Post gig curry review: No Beer!

The Despoilers

Old Ball Gig Next Weekend


Saturday 27th November sees the band back at the Old Ball, the venue we made our 2009 début. A lot of water has run under the bridge since then and we have gained new band members. The Old Ball is always a special night for us and we don't need to travel far, which usually means a good drink for those of us who partake in a tipple.

Hope to see as many friends as possible on the night and we promise to entertain. We commit to play all the right notes, but not necassarily in the right order!

The Despoilers

Gigs before Christmas

Back at the Old Ball and on home turf on Satuday 27th November. Free Entry as usual. The band look forward to another great evening, hopefully we can match the atmosphere that the venue had when we last played in June 2010.

Yeay! We're off to the Three Horseshoes in Headingley again for our last gig before Christmas. Friday 10th December, we're looking forward to a fantastic night! We'll be on from 9.

Gorilla on the loose at O'Neills Bar

Horsforth's bars must have been empty last night. Did they need an extra carriage on the Harrogate -Leeds train? We also got support from numerous friends from all over Leeds and from as far as Hartlepool.

A big thank you to all our friends who turned out at O'Neills for the bands city centre debut. We plan to return, despite the parking tickets. All the band left thinking that O'Neills is a great city centre venue, with much better acoustics than many of the other city centre bars and with a really great crowd. We hope to return in the New Year.

Front-man Tim surprised the band as well as friends, appearing in a Gorilla costume as the band stood ready to kick off. Check out the video, pictures and the new track - The Riverboat Song by Ocean Colour Scene - from the gig.

The band will unfortunately need to take a rest, owing to day job commitments, until we play "The Old Ball", Horsforth on Saturday 27th November 2010.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at The Old Ball, for what is always a real party.

The Despoilers


Come join us at O'Neills Bar

We are planning a really good night Saturday 16th October at O'Neills Bar Great George Street, Leeds.

This is a really good city centre venue and the bands last gig for about 6 weeks, following which we will on home turf at the Old Ball Horsforth. 

The band will be on from around 9:15. 

Hope to see ya there.

The Despoilers

Great Night at The Tarn

Waking up this morning with my ears ringing from the bands Yeadon debut, I can recall a really fun evening. Landlord Ryan made a couple of great Chilli's and performed a mean Elvis impression, the local crowd were friendly and had some good banter with the band.  Even the band didn't know vocalist Tim could cover Bucks Fiz so well until last night. The rest of the band have a bit of work to do if we are to get this in the set for next weekend.

After gig curry was really good, however we had to head back to Horsforth. Yeadon curry houses need to stay open later.

We hope to be back in the not too distant future and this really good and friendly venue.

The Despoliers

Birthday Bash at The Tarn

Come join us for Landlord Ryan's Birthday at The Tarn Inn Yeadon on Friday 8th October.

Real ale and music, a wonderful if not dangerous combination!


The Despoilers


Open Country 20th Birthday Bash

What a great night we had in Harrogate last night. It was a privilege to play the 20th Birthday Bash of Open Country. The atmosphere was fantastic, as was the Pie & Peas. Beer wasn't bad either.

It was a long day, finished about 3:30 am, drinking all the booze donated at the end of the gig.

Would also like to mention Robin from ElecTech UK Ltd and guitarist with GDI. Tim and I (Steve), drove all the bands gear to Robin's place in Barnsley for PAT Testing. Robin is offering a great deal for bands on the Rock of the North Website. Had a great afternoon chatting with Robin about the state of trade within the local music scene, totally distracting him I guess from the task in hand. Anyway we left with minutes to spare to reach our gig in Harrogate as we needed to set up and sound check by 7:00 pm.

Car wouldn't start with a flat battery so we rolled it down the hill and came to a halt about half a mile from Robin's place. To cut a long storey short, we rang Robin who drove out and jump started the car for us. We arrived in Harrogate in the nick of time, for what turned out to be a great gig.

Robin, you are a top guy and we would recommend your PAT Testing service to anyone.

The Despoilers

Morning After The Shoes

Great venue, great gig but a very average after gig curry.

Thanks to all that turned out, particularly the gentleman that danced so ably to Brown Sugar.

Hopefully the Three Horse Shoe locals enjoyed the evening and will welcome us again, as we hope  to return in 2011.

Next public gigs in Leeds area are The Tarn Yeadon Friday 8th October and at O'Neills Bar Leeds on Saturday 16th October.

We are however making a public appearance in Harrogate on Saturday 18th September, playing a charity fund raiser for Open Country: Christ Church Parish Centre, Harrogate Stray. HG1 4SW. Entrance fee is £7.50 which includes Pie & Peas plus a drink. The band will be on at 9:00 pm.

For more info visit:

The Despoilers 

The Three Horse Shoes

The bands summer break is thankfully over and we look forward to kicking off a sequence of gigs in September at The Three Horse Shoes Headingley on Saturday 11th September.

Entry is free and the band will introduce a few new covers to our already wide and varied set.

We look forward to a few beers and a good night with all who can join us.

The Despoilers

The Despoilers at The Black Bull, Rock n Roll

What a fantastic crowd we played to last night at The Black Bull Horsforth. Thank you to all our friends that made the journey down to the bottom of Town Street. I’m sure you enjoyed all the bars on the way down. The Hen night girls also contributed to a great night. We will be back at the Black Bull in March 2011.


Summer holidays prevent us from playing now until 11th September. We open the Autumn tour at The Three Horse Shoes, Headingley.


This is our Headingley debut, so we hope to make it a real success.


We will post some images and video from the Black Bull gig very shortly. Watch this space!


The Despoilers

Great Night at The Old Ball

Thanks to all who turned out for Saturdays gig at The Old Ball, another fantastic night that we very much enjoyed. If your eardrums didn't get enough of a pounding Saturday feel free to check out the music player for a couple of the numbers recorded during the evening and the Video section for a performance with the pool table and a crazy encore of Mustang Sally.

The gig went ahead despite Stevie G trying to cut his finger off with a sharp knife preparing dinner a few hours before the gig. This was nothing a few beers couldn’t anaesthetise prior to the set.

Late night curry is becoming a regular feature of gig nights. Morning after seems to get harder every gig. Best we don’t into the detail.

Next gig 17th July at The Black Bull, Horsforth. We hope to see ya there.


Gigs Sort September - December 2010

Dear Land Lords/Ladies, Venue Hosts & Promoters,

The band will take a summer break following the Black Bull Gig on 17th July, owing to various holiday commitments. The Despoilers are now seeking gigs from Mid September through to the end of December 2010

Pubs, clubs private parties, we just like to play!

The band can be contacted via the contacts page of this web site:

The Despoilers 

Old Mods. What a Night!

Thank you to all who attended what was the launch gig for the new line up. Hopefully you all enjoyed the night, we certainly did. The band simply cannot wait now to get back on stage again. We plan a bit of a Horsforth Summer Tour either side of the World Cup. Old Ball 5th June and Black Bull 17th July.


There will be some pictures of the Old Mods gig available with a few days watch this space.


Check out the music player which will regularly update three songs at a time from the Old Mods gig. Raw and live with plenty of crowd noise, including backing singing from a fabulous audience.


The Despoilers

Launch Gig For New line-Up

The new and hopefully final line-up of The Despoilers will debut at the Old Mods, Cookridge on Saturday 24th April 2010. This is a fund raiser for the Old Mod s, however being an open gig everyone is welcome. In fact the more the merrier!

New Members, New Set

New band members bring new numbers and influences to the band. Tim and Dave have added a new dimension in terms of experience and musical influences.

The usual array of 60's & 70's Pop, Rock & Blues will in future include more covers from the 21st Century and little bit of 70's popular punk rock.

The band will expand the set further once Mark gets back and brings a bigger keyboard influence.

The band will be kicking off at the Old Mods on Saturday 24th April which will be followed by a number of gigs at local venues, soon to be advised.


The Despoilers Band is Up and Running!

We are pleased to announce that Tim Weatherhead has joined as Vocalist. Tim has a wealth of experience and is a real Frontman.

Having relied on a series of stand-in Drummers for 2009 gigs, all of whom we thank for their support, Dave Collins joins the band as Drummer. Dave has played with a number of local bands and really strengthens the band.

The band are putting together a mixed set of covers and cannot wait to get gigging around the area.

We hope to be gigging with the new line up in April 2010.

Watch this space!


Singer Sort

The Despoilers are seeking a singer to front the band. Male or female, with a good voice and wanting to play in a band for fun.


Contact the band via the contact page of this web site.

Old Ball Rocks to The Despoilers

Thank you all who attended the Old Ball gig last Saturday. The gig was a success, thanks to Dave Collins who turned out with only one practice session on the drums.

Marks back in Australia so we have no immediate plans to gig again for some weeks, however watch this space.


The Despoilers

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